about me

David Jordan Williams ©2013 - RR Triple Portrait



I have been a Photographer since 1980 and a Graphic Designer since 1994. My work involves explorations in Fine Art and Commercial Photography and I  have a rich background with the clients I have worked with which ranges  from the Music and Entertainment industries to Architecture / Interior Design and businesses and Corporations large and small. My working philosophy  is to provide  the opportunity for my clients to receive a rounded experience from my services by enabling them to go from concept to completion with both photographic treatments and graphic design sensibilities, drawing from my varied areas.

I am also actively engaged with my Fine Art Photography and am feeding my catalog of imagery and idea journal constantly, I’m shooting all the time. I have Fine Art representation with Soho Myriad in Atlanta, Los Angeles and London as a platform for introducing my work to the Corporate Art buying community and to collectors.  Some of my select work is available for sale through my web site www.williamsstudio.com. You can also find my imagery with Getty Images,  Corbis and Photoshot.

My new plan and we’ll see how this works out, is to post more frequently on my blog with some of my favorite projects as well as new explorations and concepts.  Periodically I will throw in something from another artist, company or organization that I find exciting.  I hope you like the change and I hope you enjoy the content enough to like it and / or comment.  Thanks !


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