Fine Art Photography – Samples from the forthcoming book “Celebrate Ballona!”

Here is a quick note to mention that my photography is complete on the book “Celebrate Ballona!“. The book is scheduled to go to press April 2008.Imagery for this book was produced in cooperation with The Ballona Wetlands Foundation and Sierra Club and will be distributed throughout the country to Green organizations as well as editors from publishing circles. “Celebrate Ballona!” is approx. 225 pages long and comes in an die-cut slip case.  The full title of the book is “Celebrate Ballona! – Los Angeles’ Most Extensive Wetland Ecosystem” and shows the labor involved in stopping developers and disinterested parties involved in the rape of the wetlands.  Martin Sheen, Ed Asner and other advocates along with John Clark of the design firm “Looking” that did the design for the book and my photography which was the principal photography in the book all contributed to a stunning and politically powerful statement. This book is also intended to be a keepsake and as such has a visual tribute to the beauty of Ballona and the possibilities for it’s future.  Here is one of the working covers.

Imagery from this book is available for sale through my web site along with other photographic works. You will find, once you click on the link, a series of galleries representing all aspects of my Photography and Graphic Design Studio and in particular a gallery labeled “Images for Sale”.  Enjoy!


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